One of the primary ways in which the community of First Parish in Cambridge connects both internally and externally is through what we call Ministry Teams and various small groups.  These groups work on a combination of outreach and in-reach efforts and provide opportunities for congregants to get involved and/or be deeply enriched through their relationships with one another and our surrounding world.  Some of the groups currently included as part of the growing roster of Ministry Teams within the congregation are:

  • Social Justice Council 
  • Sunday Morning Welcome Team
  • Membership Team
  • Building Team
  • Church Street Ministry Team
  • Pastoral Care
  • Young Adult Group
  • Religious Education 
  • Middle East Education Group
  • Development Team
  • Music Team
  • Access and Inclusion Team
  • Racial Equity Team

In addition to these teams, First Parish in Cambridge also has several active covenant groups and affinity groups.  These groups provide more personalized support and interaction and serve as a way for people to connect on a more direct engagement level.  For more information about both the covenant groups and Ministry Teams, please contact