RE Youth Holding Justice Signs

At First Parish in Cambridge, we have a learning community where children and youth begin the lifelong journey of exploring spiritual questions for themselves, with the guidance of our adult volunteers.  We build bonds through rituals, volunteering, and deep sharing and caring for one another.  We learn about the foundations of our Unitarian Universalist faith through programs based on our Seven Principles and Six Sources.  We help children and youth make meaning out of their lives through storytelling, singing, making art, meditating, and reflecting with each other.  We teach about the value of curiosity, wonder, and experiencing things for oneself; about generosity and stewardship of our home on Earth; about justice and equity for people of all races, abilities, genders, ages and more; and about how important community can be to help celebrate joys and mourn sorrow and losses.

Nursery and Child Care

We provide Nursery care for children aged 0-4 from 9am-12pm every Sunday, and afternoon childcare during Sunday adult programming from 12pm-2pm.

Children and Youth Programs

We offer children’s and youth programs.  We also celebrate many holidays together as a worshiping community of all ages.

RE Registration

Children and youth must be registered to participate; please register here:

Parenting Group

We also host a monthly Parenting group.

Holiday Pageant


Seven UU Principles
1.Each person is important.
2. Be kind in all you do.
3. We’re free to learn together.
4. We search for what is true.
5. All people need a voice.
6. Build a fair and peaceful world.
7. We care for Earth’s lifeboat.

Six UU Sources
We celebrate the sense of wonder we all share.
We learn from people who are kind and fair.
We learn from the wisdom of other religions.
We honor our Jewish and Christian roots that ask us to love others as we love ourselves.
We believe in the use of reason and the discoveries of science.
We are part of the harmony of nature and the sacred circle of life.