We will explore the foundations of our UU faith during this 250th anniversary year of Universalism in America.  Each program helps your child explore the unique values of UUism, learn to think through life situations and their own choices, and have fun together! 

Programs begin 9/15/19.

Nursery Care (ages 0-4)

Our dedicated staff are excited to welcome your newest family members, and are longtime employees skilled at helping your child make their first transitions.  We play with trains, puzzles, and the kitchen, sing to the guitar, eat snack, and enjoy simple crafts.

Spirit Play PreK-K/homeschool equivalent

Spirit Play is a religious education method, founded in the Montessori method, that helps children explore questions of the spirit:  Where did we come from? What are we doing here?  How do we choose to live our lives? What happens when we die?  Spirit Play uses a ritual that includes music, a weekly spiritual story to explore, feasting, and then lets children make real choices for themselves in a teacher-prepared environment.  These choices help children understand and integrate the story into their own lives. Spirit Play is a Unitarian Universalist version of Godly Play, developed by Dr. Nita Penfold and Beverly Leute Bruce.

Moral Tales Gr 1-3/homeschool equivalent

Every day our children go forth into a complex world where they are often faced with difficult decisions and situations. Moral Tales attempts to provide children with the spiritual and ethical tools they will need to make choices and take actions reflective of their Unitarian Universalist beliefs and values.  A UUA Tapestry of Faith program by Alice Anacheka-Naseman and Elisa Davy Pearmain.

Toolbox of Faith Gr. 4-6/homeschool equivalent

What tools does Unitarian Universalism offer for the challenges of life? Children discover what aspects of UU faith are helpful to them, developing a toolbox of faith.  Each session includes hands-on exploration of a Tool of the Day and engagement with a central story, from the Flashlight of Justice to the Hammer of Power. A UUA Tapestry of Faith program by Katie Covey.

Our Whole Lives Gr. 7-9/homeschool equivalent

THIS CLASS IS FULL – No new registrations are being accepted

Honest, accurate information about sexuality changes lives. It dismantles stereotypes and assumptions, builds self-acceptance and self-esteem, fosters healthy relationships, improves decision making, and has the potential to save lives. For these reasons and more, we are proud to offer Our Whole Lives (OWL), a comprehensive, lifespan sexuality education curricula.  

Youth Group High School/homeschool equivalent

Our high school Youth Group designs and leads much of its own programming, from fun trips to serious discussions to volunteering and advocacy.  You might catch them teaching Spirit Play, fundraising for the Walk for Hunger, leading worship, or having a check-in with friends. Participants and parents share that Youth Group can be an important escape valve during a very stressful time in their lives, without academic expectations or social pressures.  Join us for a chance to make deep and lasting friendships, work for justice, and just have a good time!

This coming year we will meet at 10:45 and expand our group to include other local youth, whether from nearby UU congregations or other faiths.


Contact mneff@firstparishcambridge.org our Director of Religious Education, Mandy Neff.