Minister’s Statement on the Trump Administration actions on DACA
The second Unitarian Universalist Principle speaks of “Justice, equity and compassion in human relations.” Yesterday, we witnessed once again, actions that defy this principle and that promote an agenda that is built instead on suspicion, fear and paranoia. What is more, by framing DACA as a law enforcement issue, we are witnessing another perversion of the basic definition of who has a right to be seen and heard and to live peacefully in the United States.

This effort to exclude and oppress even more of those who are vulnerable must fail. We the people have the true power to make it clear in our society that we will not tolerate being governed by hatred. Through free speech, representative government, freedom of the press and freedom of religion, we have the tools to demand the decriminalization of Dreamers and their families and we must use them all. After all, wanting a better life is the foundation of the American dream and has been for generations. Let us join with our friends, colleagues and families across the nation to broadcast the message far and wide that “We have come too far/We won’t turn around/ We’ll flood the streets with justice/ We are freedom bound.”*

– Adam Lawrence Dyer, Minister
September 6, 2017
*We Have Come Too Far – lyrics inspired by poet June Jordan (


The Social Justice Council (SJC) amplifies our UU voice in the public square, and deepens our sense of spiritual community as we build the Beloved Community together.

The 8th Principle Team was established in June 2009 to coordinate steps toward transforming First Parish in Cambridge into a multiracial, multicultural, justice-making congregation.